About SurelyRent

What is SurelyRent?

SurelyRent is the leading online marketplace for finding affordable home rentals. Founded in November 2015, Surelyrent now makes it easy for home owners to list their rental properties with the potential of reaching thousands of interested individuals. Surelyrent is always innovating and looking for new and creative ways to make finding home rentals in Jamaica faster, safer and hassle-free.

Core Services

  • Rental Property Search

    We provide fresh and well updated listings of homes available for rent. You can easily search for the location you wish to rent a home and choose from the result.

  • Rental Property Listing

    Have somewhere you wish to rent? You can easily post your property listing and reach thousands of potential tenants. Enter all the relevant information so that interested persons can easily contact you.

  • Rental Property Search Assistance

    Search Assistance is a new service where we will assist you with finding a place that fits your needs. More information about this service will be disclosed soon.

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